Der graue Engel

Monolog zu zweit
1F / 1M

The text is the résumé of the life of an aging diva – not Marlene, but someone who could be. Instead of writing about an actual screen star, Rinke writes about the phenomenon of the diva as such, the star as a public figure, the desire to self-stylize, the escape from the banality of the everyday, the loneliness behind the mask of the artist, and about love, age and death.

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Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke (born in 1967 in Worpswede) studied at Gießen University’s drama department and worked as a journalist in the following years. In 1995 and 1997 he was given the prestigious Axel Springer Award for his reportages. Several of ...

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U: 28.9.1996 Schauspielhaus Zürich (R: Nina Hartwig)