Die Plantage

(The Farm)
4F / 6M

Sometime in the early 90s, ‘DJane’ Lucie had her one and only dance floor hit. She is now fast approaching her forties. With the money she made, she bought an abandoned National People’s Army base in Brandenburg. Her friends moved in, and while Lucie is still touring, spinning discs and playing her hit, her friends plant an enormous hashish plantation. However, disharmony is creeping into the relaxed commune and nothing is like it was in the good old days: On the sly, Joachim has made a great deal of money in the computer business and has thus betrayed the dope-smoker’s ethos. But only when Lucie returns from her disastrous tour does it become apparent that the self-made biotope is in serious danger – Lucie is bankrupt, and she is forced to sell the estate. Based on Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, The Farm is a light-hearted comedy about a perishing era.

The play has been translated into:
Czech: Plantáz
English: The Farm
Slovak: Plantáz

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann (born in 1972 in Cologne) grew up in Darmstadt and studied playwriting in Berlin. Since 1999, Gieselmann has been writing plays and radio plays. In 1999 he was invited to the “International Residency of Playwrights” and ...

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U: 3.6.2006 Theater Magdeburg (Regie: Isabel Osthues)