Katharina Schmitt

Katharina Schmitt was born in Bremen in 1979. Between 2001 and 2006, she studied theatrical directing in Prague. Ever since, she has been directing plays and operas at theatres in the Czech Republic and throughout the German-speaking parts of Europe.

In 2006, Katharina Schmitt received a writing fellowship from the Theaterhaus Jena and won the Lenz Award for her play Knock-out. In October 2007, she received an invitation to the Drama Workshop Days at the Burgtheater in Vienna. Her play Sam was presented at the Autorentheatertage (playwrights’ theatre days) of Deutsches Theater Berlin.

Katharina Schmitt has been awarded, inter alia, a residency at the Watermill Center, New York in 2012 an EHF Fellowship by the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung (2014), an authors residency at Villa Decius in Krakau (2014), and scholarships in Berlin and Vienna.

Portrait von Katharina Schmitt

Plays represented by Rowohlt Theater Verlag

  • Der einbeinige Läufer

    [The One-legged Runner]
    variable cast, min. 3
  • Im Pelz

    1F / 1M
    • U: Schauspiel Leipzig, 04.12.2009 (Regie: Johannes Schmit)
  • Jugendbildnis

    (Portrait of Youth)
    Variable cast, for ages 14 +
    • U: 18.02.2012, Thalia Theater Hamburg (Regie: Benedikt Haubrich)
  • Knock Out

    1F / 1M,
    • U: 01.11.2007, Theaterhaus Jena (Regie: Heiko Kalmbach)
  • SAM

    1M – plus at least 1 more actor/actress
    • U: März 2012, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden (Regie: Tilman Gersch)