Sabine Wen-Ching Wang

Sabine Wen-Ching Wang (born in 1973 in Münsterlingen, Switzerland) studied Sinology and East Asian History of Art in Zurich, Hangzhou (China) and Taipei (Taiwan). In 1995, her collection of poems das land in mir was published, followed by numerous other publications of poetry and prose. Her radio drama Hund Hund (DRS2, 2007, R: Simona Ryser) was nominated for the Prix Europa. In 2004, she took part in the Werkstatttage at Burgtheater in Vienna as well as the Masterclass MC6. In 2005, she received the Author’s Festival jury prize in St Gallen and in 2006 the Poetry Award at the Internationale Bodensee Konferenz.

Portrait von Sabine Wen-Ching Wang

Plays represented by Rowohlt Theater Verlag

  • Corea

    2F / 1M
    • U: 16.05.2009 Stadttheater Bern (Regie: Susanne Heising)
  • Das grüne Küken

    [The Little Green Goose]
    for ages 4 +
    • U: 20.09.2008 Theater Katerland, Winterthur (Regie: Andrea Schulthess)
  • Hund Hund

    2F / 1M
    • U: 4.10.2011 Schlachthaus Theater Bern in Koproduktion mit dem Theater Winkelwiese Zürich (Regie: Beatrix Bühler)
  • Killerbienen

    • U: 13.10.04 Kaserne Basel im Rahmen von Leben 04 (Regie: Monika Neun)
  • spät

    1F / 1M
    • U: 12.11.2004 Schauspielhaus Zürich (Regie: David Unseld/Erik Altorfer)
  • Spinnen

    2F / 2M
    • U: 9.10.2003 Schlachthaus Theater Bern (R: Beatrix Bühler)