Terminal 3

(Terminal 3)
3F / 3M

This one-act play is a segment taken from a body of work which will consist eventually of eleven parts. Terminal 3 takes place in the outpatient clinic of a hospital: A young couple is waiting for a doctor, the woman is nearing the term of her pregnancy, the delivery is due any moment now. While the man is looking forward to the baby, the woman has her doubts, of herself, her present life, their relationship. Nearby sits an elderly couple, they have to identify a body, most likely their 20-year old son. Although the couples don't talk to each other, there is something strangely familiar in their presence, as if they had known each other for a long time already. There are more and more indications that they are the younger respectively older versions of each other.

Lars Norén

Lars Norén

Lars Norén (born in 1944 in Stockholm). He started writing at the age of thirteen; his first collection of poems Syrener, snö was published in 1963. Since then he has been writing poetry, novels, theatre-, television- and radio plays. ...

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U: 29.01.2006 Riksteatern, Stockholm (Regie: Lars Norén)