[Night Rate]
Bearbeitet von Friedrich Dudy nach einer Idee von Katja Wolff
2F / 1M

Exactly three days ago, Cora had the best sex of her life. Even better, with the man of her dreams, Daniel Hofmann M. D., good-looking, successful, apparently available. She should be in seventh heaven, if it weren't for one thing: Daniel hasn't called her. And with every passing minute, the future looks more and more lonely and sad. Equipped with a family pack of chocolate, eyes fixed on the phone, Cora lets the events of the last three weeks pass before her mind's eye: the total embarrassment of their first encounter, the awkwardness of the second. Romantic dinner for two, followed by plotting strategies with her best friend Jo, finally the fateful night at Daniel’s house - and now: total phone-silence. Has Daniel already written her off after the first night? Just as Cora gives up all hope, the story finally turns a corner.

Ildikó von Kürthy

Ildikó von Kürthy

Ildikó von Kürthy is a journalist and columnist for Brigitte magazine. She lives in Hamburg with her husband and two sons. Her novels have sold over six million copies and were translated into 21 languages. 

Plays by Ildikó von Kürthy

U: 20.11.2006 Theater Hameln als Produktion der Konzertdirektion Landgraf/Tourneetheater Thespiskarren (Regie: Katja Wolff)