Too low terrain

4F / 1M

The house under the approach path of the airport is sold. Soon a 17 year old Russian girl will be moving in, a student of dentistry, with Jacuzzi and mini bar. One last time before leaving, the grown up daughters and their mother sit together, in a drizzle of kerosene, surrounded by rotting furniture and exploding appliances, and are recapitulating the past and present. Laconic, tender and yet full of humor is how Lisa Danulat tells about family love and sibling rivalry, the disintegration of hopes and bodies, of airplane hijackings, crash warnings that were always late, about life passing by and death showing up uninvited on each family picture. Too Low Terrain won the award for best play and best production at the writer's festival "Text trifft Regie" (text meets direction) in Mainz 2008.

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat was born in 1983 in Frankfurt/M. She studied philosophy in Frankfurt, acting in Freiburg and playwriting in Graz (Austria). Between 2006 and 2008, Danulat was an intern and assistant dramaturge at Schauspiel Frankfurt.
In 2008 Too low ...

Plays by Lisa Danulat

U: 17.06.2009 Staatstheater Mainz (Regie: Robert Borgmann)