Monsun im April

[April Monsoon]
4F / 3M

It has been 100 days since the business woman Judith Firm disappeared without a trace. Maja, her closest co-worker, has become her substitute, and suddenly Mr. Firm, who had rarely been to his wife's office, comes to see her surprisingly often. Even more irritating than his behavior is that of Mrs. Gust, Mrs. Firm's long time secretary who still idolizes her old boss. This stew of complex situations starts to boil over, when suddenly Petra and Udo Ohlssen turn up at Maja's. They met in Brussels, they state, in a night of heavy drinking, during which Maja exclaimed that her life needed to change, particularly regarding Mrs. Firm. It becomes clear that Petra and Udo took that as an invitation to murder Mrs. Firm. Maja is beside herself. Did her innocent remark trigger something, that although she sometimes desired, she certainly never wanted to happen?

This play has been translated into:
SerbianMonsun u aprilu; SpanishMonzón en abril

Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser (born in 1967 in Friedrichshafen) was an actress and had her debut as a dramatist in 1997. Her play King Kongs Töchter (1998) was a considerable success and has had more than twenty productions. Theresia Walser was voted Best ...

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U: 13.12.2008 Nationaltheater Mannheim (Regie: Burkhard C. Kosminski)