Uns kriegt ihr nicht!

Das Haus der Jeanne Calment
3F / 2M, 1 additional performer

Three seniors escape from the nursing home with the help of their nurse Zelda. They roll across the German countryside in a decommissioned armored reconnaissance vehicle, a "kind loan from the Technik Museum in Sinsheim," searching for their own past. After all, they didn't survive a world war and accrued eighty years of life experience to gradually be "passed away" over dumplings and sauce with the smell of Lysol. Although the years have left their marks on them as well as on Germany, and the topography of their memories only incidentally overlaps with reality. But whatever the senior citizens lack in knowledge, they make up for in decisiveness. Between the barrage of a four-story techno dance club, a Japanese care bear obsessively looking after them, and toppled memorials of heroes, they journey into the unknown with great determination - and they clearly have the advantage over Zelda, who, among all these life stories and lies, existential experiences and images from the past, still needs to find her own future.

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat was born in 1983 in Frankfurt/M. She studied philosophy in Frankfurt, acting in Freiburg and playwriting in Graz (Austria). Between 2006 and 2008, Danulat was an intern and assistant dramaturge at Schauspiel Frankfurt.
In 2008 Too low ...

Plays by Lisa Danulat

U: 18.12.2009 Staatstheater Mainz (Regie: Hannes Rudolph)