süßer vogel undsoweiter

[Sweet bird andsoforth]
3F / 3M, for ages 16 +

No youth club, no bar, and no café. Just the hill, where Cute Stuff, Tiny, The Bomb, and the others meet, between park benches, swing sets, picnic gazebos and porta-potties. They meet almost every day, just like today – but today, they are having a farewell party. Amanda is the first among them to leave, to get about of this place, where they all grew up, off to the train station and go. But before the party even gets going, Amanda is already gone. Left behind under the festoons, the remaining five start talking: About who they are, and who they want to be. About leaving, but where to; about longing, but for what? What should their lives look like: A great insurrection against the perpetual “shit happens” attitude, or rather a starter home with a garden? During this long night, on the narrow edge between past and present, the perspectives shift. For one moment, the pre-conceived answers to the question how youth should be, are fading into the background. And between what they want to do and what they should do, between planning and hoping for the life that’s about to start, a phrase hovers in the air, like a promise: “this much I know / everyone gets it right in the end.”
“Most remarkable is … the language Naumann uses, to envelope the characters’ ambiguous desire for another life. Poetical, clear, no frills.” (Nachtkritik)

English: sweet bird andsoforth

Laura Naumann

Laura Naumann

Laura Nauman was born in Leipzig in 1989, and grew up near Chemnitz. She volunteered for one year at the Theater Junge Generation Dresden; and has studied creative writing and cultural journalism at the University Hildesheim. In the years 2006 and 20 ...

Plays by Laura Naumann

U: 19.08.2011 Australian Theatre for Young People (Regie: Laura Scrivano)