Eine Stille für Frau Schirakesch

(A Moment of Silence for Mrs Shirakesh)
4F / 2M

Precisely 77 minutes from now, Mrs. Shirakesh will be stoned to death in the marketplace of Chundakar. Simultaneously, a TV talk show is trying to pay silent tribute to this cruel act from afar. The TV host Hilda Ludowsky has invited the young, traumatized soldier Rose, who only recently returned from a tour of duty, and her father, Mr. Fahnenberg. They are joined by the beauty queens Ruth and Heidrun, who just stirred up a big controversy with their bikini pageant in Chundakar, and a General named Gert, whose unit was at least able to set up port-a-potties in Chundakar’s marketplace to provide some relief to the women there. The guests are clashing already, even before the broadcast begins. They can’t even agree on the term “war”, and the escalating controversy over education and human rights soon will lead to anything but a moment of silence.

The play has been translated into:

Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser (born in 1967 in Friedrichshafen) was an actress and had her debut as a dramatist in 1997. Her play King Kongs Töchter (1998) was a considerable success and has had more than twenty productions. Theresia Walser was voted Best ...

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