Königreich / Kongeriket

(Kingdom / Kongeriket)
Variable cast, minimum cast of four

Where well-organized small towns used to be, suddenly all the walls are crumbling. A dark mood gets caught in the hedges, and an obnoxious pit-bull announces the coming of the apocalypse. It doesn't really help to know that all this might just be happening in ICH's mind. The world must be saved, even though ICH doesn't feel like a hero at all. Hence ICH plunges into the depths of the dying civilization in her own soul, like Alice down the rabbit hole. Between panicked patients with eating disorders and functional interior design, she does not only run into herself as a young or old person, but also into a demented king, a failed suicide bomber and a continuous fiddler. Doctor Doctor on the other hand, whom ICH confides in, seems to be comfortingly real - until he, too, suddenly disappears. A fairy tale forest grows out of the tiles of the hospital ward corridor; the exterior world blends with the inner world, and it is hard to decide which one of them is more dependable.

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat was born in 1983 in Frankfurt/M. She studied philosophy in Frankfurt, acting in Freiburg and playwriting in Graz (Austria). Between 2006 and 2008, Danulat was an intern and assistant dramaturge at Schauspiel Frankfurt.
In 2008 Too low ...

Plays by Lisa Danulat

U: 30.03.2012 Staatstheater Mainz (Regie: Johannes Schmit)