Raus aus dem Swimmingpool, rein in mein Haifischbecken

Out of the swimming pool; into my shark pool
2F / 1M, one additional performer

"News anchor calls for mass suicide. Beware of the misanthrope". But all Christiane did in the evening news was asking the right questions: does it make sense to be informed, if one doesn't effectuate any change? Does one fulfill one's responsibility as politically mature citizen by just absorbing evening after evening the same old news, about state visits, new bills or collapsing textile factories? Choosing prime time to announce her identity crisis not only guarantees that she immediately is fired from her job and given unwanted media exposure, but also a fight with her daughter Moana, a management consultant who sees her budding career being majorly jeopardized by her mother. But right now, instead of embracing the system and taking responsibility "for my team. For the company. For economy. For my country", Moana has fractured both arms and depends on her partner Boris' help. He is able to navigate the minefield of emotions between the two women with just as much stoicism as the daily humiliations of his job as a flight attendant. But despite the tough act, they are all three affected by the question of how to find the right life within the probably wrong one. And so they launch themselves into the quest for the answer to the big question: What is there to do?

Laura Naumann

Laura Naumann

Laura Nauman was born in Leipzig in 1989, and grew up near Chemnitz. She volunteered for one year at the Theater Junge Generation Dresden; and has studied creative writing and cultural journalism at the University Hildesheim. In the years 2006 and 20 ...

Plays by Laura Naumann

U: 13.03.2014 Schauspielhaus Bochum(Regie: Malte C. Lachmann)