Tag Hicks oder Fliegen für vier

[Four Go Flying]
3F / 3M, for ages 10 +

Meet Lewin Hickelmann, also known as Hicks. His day is getting off to a bad start. This morning he saw daddy creep out of mummy’s bedroom, despite the fact that they divorced years ago! Is daddy moving back in? Does that mean that they’ll go back to arguing all the time? Hicks’s mother has set up a family meeting for this evening to talk about everything. But until then, Hicks has a lot of other problems to deal with. Rike, a girl from school who’s crazy about planes and flying, wants to go up to his attic but won’t tell him why. His best friend Janis gets jealous and won’t let the two of them out of his sight. And then there’s Valerie, the new girl, who smells of goats, is supposed to be giving him tuition and whom he can’t seem to shake off. Irritated by each other’s mere presence, the four of them stand in front of the door to the attic. And then they start to talk. Can you become a pilot if you’re scared of heights? What happens if two people are sitting on a two-seater sofa and a third person suddenly wants to sit down, too? How do you find new friends without appearing desperate? And most importantly: What is Hicks supposed to do now? It turns out that it doesn’t really matter all that much if his daddy moves back in or not. Four young people have met who, despite their differences, might just end up as friends.

Translations include:
Hungarian: Már megint kezdik

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs was born in 1977 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, and is perhaps the best known and most popular author on Berlin’s Lesebühne spoken word performance scene. She won the renowned Open Mike literature competition in 2003 with her highly ...

Plays by Kirsten Fuchs

U: 29.01.2016 Grips Theater Berlin (Regie: Grete Pagan)