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Frank Goosen’s Rocket Men dissects the masculine half of today’s society. This play is about all the men who want to break free as well as all the ones who need security. It’s about music and old friends, men who’ve been dumped, men still searching, timid men and brave men. They’d all like to be rocket men but have to make do with themselves. We meet two old school friends who used to be in a band together. One was shy, the other always in the limelight. Now they’re nettled by the thought of all those lost dreams. Yet they still hold to one another. Turbo Krupke, an elderly caretaker of a football pitch who almost became a pro, gets a mysterious phone call and makes his peace with death. Kamerke, a freelance journalist whose career as a reporter links many of the scenes presented here, would love to be unfaithful to his wife. After all, she’s already “been there”. But he realises that he simply loves her too much...

Frank Goosen

Frank Goosen

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U: 25.09.2015 Theater Oberhausen (Regie: Peter Carp)