Café Umberto

3F / 7M

Café Umberto is a humble coffee shop in the employment center. This is where Jule and Jaro get to know each other. He is a musician, and she is a talented fashion designer growing increasingly unstable over her lack of success. Other frequent visitors in the coffee shop are Anton, a former university lecturer and his wife Paula, a painter. Their love and happiness is being dramatically undermined by increasingly absurd job offers. Lukas, a former geography teacher, has to accept the fact that his girlfriend, Sonja, is a highly successful TV presenter. When Sonja’s voice is sampled for the automatic announcements at the job center, Lukas feels it is the ultimate insult. “Café Umberto is not a drama about unemployment, rather, it consists of three love stories from the world of unemployment.” (John von Düffel)

Translations include:
Czech; French; Spanish; Polish

Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke (born in 1967 in Worpswede) studied at Gießen University’s drama department and worked as a journalist in the following years. In 1995 and 1997 he was given the prestigious Axel Springer Award for his reportages. Several of ...

Plays by Moritz Rinke

U: 25.09.2005 Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Regie: Burkhard C. Kosminski)