Manchmal hat die Liebe regiert und manchmal einfach niemand

[Sometimes Love Reigned and Sometimes Just Nobody Did]
4F / 3M

What was the most beautiful moment in your life? What was the worst? Is there one big, overarching narrative or is everything just a series of random occurrences? What are your dreams? Laura Naumann’s play is populated by seven characters searching for a defining moment in their life. Johanna, a committed teacher, is devastated when Cleo splits up with her. Cleo, meanwhile, can’t understand why she’s so unhappy. Pia is working tirelessly to get Johanna fired from her teaching post, aided by her husband Tom, who would do anything to humor her. Hotel entertainer Mathias sleeps with tourists for money. Mathias’ father Heinz and Alina from Ukraine meanwhile have decided not to give in to loneliness. Presenting a series of encounters interspersed with moments of longing and loss, Laura Naumann’s incisive yet light-hearted play is pervaded by a sense that love just might, after all, reign supreme …

Laura Naumann

Laura Naumann

Laura Nauman was born in Leipzig in 1989, and grew up near Chemnitz. She volunteered for one year at the Theater Junge Generation Dresden; and has studied creative writing and cultural journalism at the University Hildesheim. In the years 2006 and 20 ...

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U: 18.09.2016 Schauspiel Bochum (Regie: Jan Gehler)