Das Heimatkleid

1F, for ages 16 +

When Claire’s sister leaves for the USA to study, Claire moves into her flat and begins to work for her successful fashion video blog. The first label Claire features on the blog is called Homelanddress. The ideas behind the label – fashion that doesn’t exploit workers, making their garments in Germany – sounds more than reasonable. And the dress suits Claire perfectly. Just as she’s interviewing the label’s founder, bags of paint splurge across the front window of the shop, followed by chants of, »Nazis get out!« The incident leaves Claire disturbed. What’s wrong with good principles like these? Relations with her new neighbour also turn out to be complicated. Tom is helpful, but he’s also very attractive and Claire also likes that he acts on his principles. But is everyone living in their house really going to vote for the new political party that Tom is so enthused about? And why does he say things that Claire knows aren’t true? When Claire suddenly has to voice her own opinions, she finds it surprisingly difficult.

»This play makes it easy to understand the subtle way that people are pulled in. Bashing the AfD is easy, but it’s a more complicated matter to show young people in a way that is emotionally engaging why certain patterns of political agitation take hold over people so easily. Fuchs manages this brilliantly ... A fantastic and important play that comes at the right time.« (Berliner Morgenpost)

Slovak: Naše šaty!

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs was born in 1977 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, and is perhaps the best known and most popular author on Berlin’s Lesebühne spoken word performance scene. She won the renowned Open Mike literature competition in 2003 with her highly ...

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U: 21.09.2017 GRIPS Theater, Berlin (Regie: Tim Egloff)