German Love Letter (zum Mond)

[German Love Letter (To The Moon)]

This play takes a night-time stroll across Germany. Somewhere a couple argue, in a bar a game of darts progresses. In the back room of a news stand, a woman is hiding from the world. Everywhere, the white noise of wifi spews snippets of communication, music and comments onto the surface of our consciousness. «Someone» is searching. For purpose, coherence and perhaps love. While she confronts strangers and friends, memories and visions, a new yearning is forming on the internet. Newrope is a (real) project aiming to establish an international colony on the moon whose potential to create a new utopia might also endow the Earth’s population with new hope, ambition and drive. Spliced between the past and future, «Someone» navigates along the fault lines striating the present. Captured, of course, on video recorded on a smartphone. Danulat’s play orchestrates the analogue and digital sounds of nightly yearning within a dynamic urban diorama.

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat

Lisa Danulat was born in 1983 in Frankfurt/M. She studied philosophy in Frankfurt, acting in Freiburg and playwriting in Graz (Austria). Between 2006 and 2008, Danulat was an intern and assistant dramaturge at Schauspiel Frankfurt.
In 2008 Too low ...

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