Eine kleine Trilogie des Todes
Minimum cast 1F - 1M

In Erlkönigin, a dead actress speaks. During World War II, she experienced power, she was allowed to exercise power and perform. She exercised power performing in front of her audience, a privilege she kept after the War ended. Death and the Maiden is an interlude, the dialogue between a hunter and Snow White who, in search of truth, mercy and beauty, is mercilessly shot by the hunter. The Wanderer is the final monologue of a victim who never wanted to be one – a mentally ill man who can do nothing but wander. “Four people who are not quite themselves, and so upset that they are beyond consolation. They are so thoroughly unsettled that they are unsettling, because our world of pragmatists well able to deal with life has long since turned its back on ghosts of the past. Still, here they are. Here and now.” (Basler Zeitung)

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Elfriede Jelinek

Elfriede Jelinek

Elfriede Jelinek, who was born in 1946 and grew up in Vienna, now lives in Vienna and Munich. She has received numerous awards for her literary works, which include not only novels but also plays, poetry, essays, translations, radio plays, ...

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U: 11.04.2001 Schauspielhaus Zürich (R: Jossi Wieler)