Der Clown

Bearbeitet von Marie und Alfred Radok
4F / 7M

The dramatisation of the novel Ansichten eines Clowns, one of Böll’s greatest successes. It was published in 1963 and made into a film in 1975 by Vojtech Jasny. Marie, the Catholic daughter of a Communist, has left the clown, Hans Schnier, son of a Rhineland coal millionaire, after 6 years of ‘living in sin’ to marry the influential Catholic Züpfner. The reason for the break-up of the relationship was Schnier’s refusal to sign an agreement specifying that their children would be brought up as Catholics. Abandoned, ill, penniless and unfit for work, the clown reflects on his position and in doing so, on the state of reality in Federal Germany.

The play has been translated into: Spanish: Las opiniones de un payaso

Heinrich Böll

Heinrich Böll

Heinrich Böll (born in 1917 in Cologne, died in 1985 in Langenbroich) grew up in a Catholic milieu. After he interrupted an apprenticeship as a bookseller and was enrolled on the National Socialist compulsory labour service, he went to ...

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