Jörg Albrecht

Jörg Albrecht was born 1981 in Bonn and grew up in the Ruhr Valley. He studied comparative literature, German studies, history and theater (Theaterwissenschaft) in Bochum and Vienna. He works as an independent writer in Berlin, and is currently writing his doctoral thesis. In 2006, his first novel, Drei Herzen, was published, followed in 2008 by his space pop opera Sternstaub, Goldfunk, Silberstreif. Under the moniker phonofix, he performs in concert readings and audioplays, together with the musician Matthias Grübel. Jörg Albrecht is also a member of the theater cooperative copy & waste and a participant in the teaching program for stage writing (Lehrgang Szenisches Schreiben) at uniT in Graz (Austria). His writings won Jörg Albrecht multiple awards, most recently the 2005 GWK-Förderpreis for Literature (young writers' award of the Westphalian society for the advancement of cultural development) and a second prize at the open mike of the Literaturwerkstatt (Literary Workshop) in Berlin. In 2007, he received the Young Writers' Award (Förderpreis für Literatur) of the German state North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as an invitation to the Ingeborg Bachman Awards in Klagenfurt (Austria).

Portrait von Jörg Albrecht

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