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Pia and Helen, two middle aged women, are determined to rid the world of themselves. Bound to each other by a love-hate relationship, they are waiting for the inquisitor, to discuss some final issues with him - but those issues come up even before he shows up. And then Georgina appears, a younger woman who conjures up unpleasant memories and misgivings in Helen and Pia.
"Living is made up of two antagonistic parts: One is called dying, the other non-dying. It has come to terms with the dying part, but the non-dying is what really kills the joy in living on. This is the signal given by those who are weary, who Theresia Walser writes about giving them a presence on stage for eleven years.... But never before were they so close to redemption as in this new play... the rituals still have to turn into rituals, and many superfluous words - like 'rabid hope' or 'compensational voracity'- need to be used up, to finally filter out what keeps being repeated. The laughter doesn't get stuck in your throat (yet), it wants out... No existential endgame for two men, but a prelude in gagaism for three women. Eccentric, over the top and screamingly beautiful." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

The play has been translated into:
Spanish; Turkish

Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser (born in 1967 in Friedrichshafen) was an actress and had her debut as a dramatist in 1997. Her play King Kongs Töchter (1998) was a considerable success and has had more than twenty productions. Theresia Walser was voted Best ...

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