Zwischen den Dingen sind wir sicher

[We're safe in between things]
2F / 2M

A protective wall of junk surrounds the house. There is but one roof window that Alicja can still look out of, but there isn't much to see. The surrounding area has been abandoned for years, and the neighbours have died or moved to better neighbourhoods. Besides Alicja and her brothers Bandito and Techno barely anyone is left in the decaying remnants of the city. Lately there have been rumours: strangers in uniforms who have been observed looting abandoned buildings are supposed to drive the last remaining inhabitants out, take whatever is useful and lock down the entire area. The guard woman Rascasse agrees to this; after all, no one is able to live here anymore. But the siblings feel that a home that was destroyed is still better than no home at all. Neither one wants to leave the house they grew up in or begin a new life. While Alicja is dwelling in memories of better days, Bandito throws himself into armed resistance. But Alicja deeply resents that he draws Techno, the youngest of the three, into the battle. They get into a violent argument about how to look at things - and when Rascasse falls in love with Alicja, the fronts that used to be so clear become increasingly muddled.

Laura Naumann

Laura Naumann

Laura Nauman was born in Leipzig in 1989, and grew up near Chemnitz. She volunteered for one year at the Theater Junge Generation Dresden; and has studied creative writing and cultural journalism at the University Hildesheim. In the years 2006 and 20 ...

Plays by Laura Naumann

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